Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Government as an element of the state is the agency or aggregate of institutions that formulates, expresses and realizes the will of the state. In a comprehensive note, the government embraces all the political institutions existing in the state, from the highest governmental agency to the lowest administrative bodies. The Philippine Government for example, encompasses all its agencies, from the Office of the President down to its smallest political agency - the barangays.

Purpose and necessity
Government is created for the benefit of the people governed. It performs services or functions that are beyond the capabilities of any individual or enterprise. The chief purposes of government are: the maintenance of peace and order, the protection of persons and property, the administration of justice, the promotion of education, the preservation of the state from external danger, and the advancement of the physical, economic and social and cultural well-being of the people. (De Leon, 1991)

The organized structure of the government enables the state to smoothly administer its affairs. Without government, chaos and disorder will prevail.

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