Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Although we have twenty-four (24) senators, only twelve (12) senators are being elected every national election. This is because the term of the twenty-four senators have been staggered in accordance with Section 2 of the Transitory Provisions which says:
"Of the senators elected in the election in 1992, the first twelve obtaining the highest number of votes shall serve for six years and the remaining twelve for three years."
Thus, the first twelve served the full term of six years until 1998, and the term of the last twelve senators ended in 1995. The twelve senators elected in 1995 served a full term of six years. Those elected in 1998 shall also serve the full term of six years as so too those elected in 2001, and so on. In other words, beginning 1995, twelve senators shall be elected every three years, to serve the full term of six years, so that unlike the House of Representatives, the Senate shall not at any time be completely dissolved. One-half of the membership is retained as the other half is replaced or reelected every three years. (Cruz, 2002)

The continuity of the life of the Senate is intended to encourage the maintenance of Senate policies as well as guarantee that there will be experienced members who can help and train newcomers in the discharge of their duties. (Cruz, 2002)

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